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Over the past several months, I've been focusing on my digital artwork. This inspired me to begin drawing my own tarot deck, a project that I have wanted to do since 1994 when I first started working with the tarot.

This project will include 78 cards, which is 78 individual illustrations. This is not the kind of project that I can just sit down and draw either. I have to consider the meaning I want to represent. I've been working slowly, taking my time, studying decks that are already in my collection.

I won't be able to complete this project - by complete, I mean finish all the artwork and get the deck physically printed - without some help and that is where Patreon comes in. Patreon is a platform for lovers of art to support their favorite artists and help them keep creating. While the tarot deck is my first project, I have many more ideas to follow.

Check out my campaign and support an artist today!

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