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The Star People Book is Here!

Have you ever set out to do something and, somewhere along the way, you just could not bring it to completion? Maybe more ideas came pouring in, maybe you got overwhelmed with the task you set for yourself, maybe life just got in the way and it fell by the wayside. Sometimes I feel like my life is just a series of projects that never grew to their fullness, that never made it to completion.

And then, sometimes a project comes along that takes hold and won’t let go. Maybe a weird determination that hasn’t yet found its way into things already in progress sets in. Other things get put on hold. It is both diligence and total surrender. And then, sometimes, you can set a very definite goal and, if all those factors take their rightful places, you can achieve that goal.

That is this project. Since I finished the original ink drawings in October, I knew they needed to become more. This is the result of months of work - of redrawing, coloring, formatting, of working out inconsistencies, and of fighting the constraints of programs others have written that I have to make work for me.

My goal was the end of January. MY GOAL WAS THE END OF JANUARY. And here we are. Here IT is. The first story of Star People, in color and in print. I have the proof copy in my hands. And it is so beautiful.

The paperback can be found here.

This is a far superior version; my drawings just look better in print. But the Kindle version is here, if you really want a digital one.

The Kindle format does not lend itself to images very well, but I made one anyway.

I hope you enjoy holding a book about Star People as much as I do. Thank you for your support of me and this project.

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