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A Litha Adventure

We went to a grand opening of a fairy hiking trail at a local park for Litha. It was so fun! We got to make this awesome sun catcher,  a little bottle of wishes, and decorate our wands. 

Flowers and leaves inside an embroidery hoop and a tiny glass bottle of rose petals and dandelion fluff
A Sun Catcher and a Bottle of Wishes

The sign for the fairy trail grand opening event
Fairy Trail Grand Opening

Wood plaque at the trail head that reads "welcome to the fairy trail"
Welcome to the Fairy Trail

Each hiker got a guide book that talked about the eight fairy houses along the trail and things about the ecosystem of the forest and the fairies’ role in caring for it. The houses were amazing, and so magical!

This house was called the Overlook and it stood on a high hill looking out across the Potomac River.

There were little quests we could do in the guidebook and, if you complete them all, you get a cool button and certificate and become a certified fairyologist! It was a great way to spend the solstice.

When my daughter was out with her grandmother, she said she wanted to make another sun catcher. They collected leaves and flowers and waited for me to get home from work so I could put it together. It is a simple craft that requires clear Contact paper and a small embroidery hoop. I happened to have both, so we made another one.

I will definitely remember this craft for another time!

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