Elderberry Delight Herbal Tisane is made with dried Elderberries, Lavender, Peppermint, and whole Cloves. The result is a slightly sweet, slightly minty herbal delight. 

Steep 1 tsp in approximately 8 oz boiling water (212°F) for 5-8 minutes. Herbal tisanes can be steeped longer without turning bitter. Add milk and/or sweetener to taste. Can be resteeped two or three times by doubling the previous steep time. One tin should make 15-20 cups of tisane. Can be served hot or cold. 

What is a tisane? A tisane is a dried herb or blend that is brewed like a tea but does not contain any actual tea. Our tisanes are caffeine-free.

Squirrel spoon not included. 

Elderberry Delight Herbal Tisane